We love working with like-minded wholesalers who want to work with an innovative, market leading and dedicated food service bakery brand. Our wholesalers are more than just customers, they’re our partners and are integral to helping us continue to develop a diverse (and delicious!) range of wholesale bakery supplies.

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How we work with our Wholesalers

We work closely with a wide range of wholesalers, located across the UK, who all have the goal of boosting their own food portfolio with high quality sweet and savoury frozen wholesale bakery supplies and products. Our extensive wholesale bakery range extends from traditional morning goods such as english muffins and bloomer bread to lunchtime favourites like full-baked and park-baked baguettes. Customers will also find firm favourites such as floured baps, fruity teacakes, doughnuts and tulip muffins.

Innovation is at the heart of what we do at Kara, and over the years we’ve extended our product range further to include gourmet brioche products as well as tasty vegan alternatives.

Why partner with us?

By working with Kara Foodservice for their wholesale bakery supplies, our wholesalers reap a wide range of benefits. Just some of the benefits of working with us includes;

  • We can help with portfolio management – we review trends and analyse what impact these can have on your product offer – and we’ll use this information to advise you as best as we can
  • Do you need market insight and intelligence to help you with your product choices? We have an incredible volume of data at our fingertips which we share with our wholesalers to benefit them – and their own customers
  • Looking to expand into new channels? We provide our wholesalers with channel analysis, formats and product insights to help our customers succeed.

Why become a Kara Wholesaler?

Want to learn more about how you can become a Kara wholesaler? Get in touch with us here, or complete our online wholesaler eligibility checker to see if you would benefit from becoming one our wholesalers or working directly with one of our existing stockists.

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