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The quick-serve industry is experiencing a meteoric rise and is spearheading the out-of-home market. The surge of grab-and-go convenience, the ever-expanding world of food delivery, and the relentless march of technological innovation are all factors in its success.

At Kara, we understand the unique needs of this fast-paced environment, offering a diverse arsenal of wholesale bakery products that are perfectly tailored for quick-serve success.
From trendy cafes seeking the latest bakery offerings to burger joints on a quest for the perfect bun, Kara is your one-stop shop. Our innovative range caters to a wide spectrum of menus and dietary requirements, ensuring you have the fresh, mouthwatering options your customers crave.

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Quick Serve Baked Products

Kara is the one-stop shop for all things bakery. Our dedicated, industry-experienced team work endlessly to develop the latest bakery products to aid your menu development. With options for vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free, you can be confident that your products will cater for all requirements and tastes.

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Recipes for Quick Serve

Create foods that your customers love and come back for time and time again! Using our delicious range of baked goods, we have developed a whole range of delicious and delectable recipes that cater to all tastes, cuisines and audience. View our full range of recipes, or take a look at some of our favourites below.

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