Veggie Sausage Breakfast Sub

A great addition to your breakfast menu, this tasty twist on a classic recipe will be a sure-fire hit with your customers.

10 Mins



1 Kara Wholemeal Hoagie

2 vegan sausages

Handful of kale

1 tsp olive oil

Beef tomato, sliced

Tomato ketchup


Cook the vegan sausages until golden and slightly charred.

Toast a Kara Wholemeal Hoagie until golden.

Add a teaspoon of oil to a hot pan and cook the kale with a lid on. Turn off the heat to let the kale wilt and crisp in its own time. Keep shaking the pan to ensure that the kale doesn’t catch.

Start to build the breakfast sub by spreading a generous layer of tomato ketchup onto the base of the roll.

Add the kale, and place the sausages on top before finishing with a few slices of fresh tomato.

Top tip: For a healthier recipe, we’ve chosen to use crispy kale as it’s packed with iron. Alternatively, you can substitute with spinach.

This recipe uses

Wholemeal Hoagies


Wholemeal Hoagies

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