Vegan Breakfast Bap

Expand your breakfast menu and vegan offering in one go! With only five ingredients, this delicious Vegan Breakfast is simple to make and can also be an all-day option too.

10 Mins



Kara Floured Bap

Handful of spinach

4 chestnut mushrooms, sliced

2 vegan sausages

Beef tomato

Tomato ketchup


Lightly toast the floured bap until golden.

Cook the vegan sausages according to pack instructions.

Meanwhile, in another pan, pan-fry the chestnut mushrooms until soft and brown at the edges.

Gently wilt a handful of spinach.

Start to construct the breakfast bap, first with a good spoonful of tomato ketchup on the burger base, followed by the spinach, mushrooms and sausages. Finish with the tomato slices.

Top the bap and serve immediately.

Top tip: Chestnut mushrooms offer a nuttier taste, and remain lovely and firm when cooked.

This recipe uses

MK4 Floured Baps


MK4 Floured Baps

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