Umami Bomb Burger

Open your inner senses by trying the Umami Bomb Burger! Combining wholesale burger buns with fresh ingredients, this burger is topped with a sweet beetroot dressing for the ultimate taste sensation.

25 Mins



1 Kara Sliced Gourmet Sourdough Bun


1 burger patty of your choice

Wild mushrooms

Pea shoots

Red onion


Beetroot sauce


Take a wholesale burger bun and add the mayonnaise and fresh rocket to the base.

Top the rocket with a cooked burger patty of your choice (we used a meat patty, but both vegan and veggie burgers will still work great).

Add some cooked seasonal wild mushrooms of your choice alongside a handful of sprouted pea shoots.

Top generously with some parmesan shavings, sliced red onion and a beetroot sauce drizzle, before placing on the top of the bun. Serve immediately, with a simple side salad.

This recipe uses

Gourmet Sliced Sourdough Bun


Gourmet Sliced Sourdough Bun

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