Ultimate Breakfast Bap

Combining all of your favourite fry-up ingredients, this ultimate breakfast bap is a must for those looking for an indulgent breakfast menu item. Sandwich wholesalers can turn this into an all-day offer too!

10 Mins



Kara Floured Bap

2 thin beef burgers

Egg, lightly fried

2 rashers bacon bacon, grilled

Fresh tomato, sliced


Hash brown

Mushrooms, lightly fried


Carefully cook the burgers according to the instructions and grill the bacon until it is crispy. Finally, fry the egg until the white is set but the yolk is still runny.

Toast the floured bap

Build the burger by first placing a couple of slices of tomato onto the base, then the burgers, fried egg and top with the bacon.

Serve the Ultimate Breakfast Bap immediately with lashings of tomato ketchup or brown sauce (or whatever you fancy!).

Top tip: Keep stacking by adding some golden brown pan-fried mushrooms or a crispy hash brown to your burger.

This recipe uses

MK5 Floured Baps


MK5 Floured Baps

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