Toffee Apple Fritter Burger

This fun take on a toffee apple is ideal for those looking for an alternative dessert in the kitchen. Using brioche across all day parts is the ideal way for operators to save money on menus.

5 Mins



1 Kara Butter Brioche

1 Apple

2 tsbp Sugar

½ Lemon, Juiced

5 tsbp Golden Syrup

1 Ready Made Pancakes

1 tbsp Nutella

400g Caster Sugar


Take the apple and cut it in half. Begin to chop. Toss in 2 tbsp of sugar and pour in the lemon juice along with 1 tbsp of golden syrup.

Take the pancake and cover in Nutella. Roll up and cut in half.

Toast a Kara butter brioche bun. To assemble, place shredded apple on the base of the Kara brioche, then top with the Nutella pancake and place on the lid of the bun.

Tip 400g of caster sugar into a pan along with 100ml water and set over a medium heat. Cook for 5 mins until the sugar dissolves, then the rest of the syrup. If you don’t have a thermometer you can test the toffee by pouring a little into a bowl of cold water. It should harden instantly and, when removed, be brittle and easy to break.

Once ready pour over the apple burger and serve.


This recipe uses

Gourmet MK5 Unsliced Brioche Bun


Gourmet MK5 Unsliced Brioche Bun

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