Steak Sandwich with Cheese

A classic steak and cheese sandwich encased in Kara’s Floured Bap. Make it a little zingier by adding in some blue cheese or vintage cheddar!

15 Mins



Kara Premium Floured Bap

60g thin sliced steak (rump, sirloin or fillet)

Roasted red peppers

Spinach leaves

Crispy onion rings

Melted cheese sauce


To build this delicious sandwich, start by layering some spinach leaves onto the base of Kara’s Floured Bap.

Add the steak slices (cooked to the customer’s preference) then layer on the roasted red peppers, crispy onion rings and cheese sauce.

Serve immediately with a side of vegetable crisps or sweet potato fries.

Top tip: Make the cheese sauce a little zingier by adding some blue cheese or vintage cheddar.

This recipe uses

MK5 Premium Floured Baps


MK5 Premium Floured Baps

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