Lemon, White Chocolate & Strawberry Muffin

Have this quintessentially summer dessert all year round on your menu. This lemon muffin recipe is the perfect fruity palate cleanser to end any meal!


5 Mins



6 Kara Lemon & White Chocolate Muffins (1 pack)

400g Strawberry Ice Cream

400g Strawberries, chopped

400ml Strawberry Sauce

50g Icing Sugar


Take your Kara lemon and white chocolate muffins and chop off the lid. Fill with strawberries, strawberry ice cream and add some sauce. Place the lid back on, add more sauce and a dusting of icing sugar over the top.

Serve with an English breakfast tea and more strawberries on the side. Bon appetit! For more inspiration, view more of our recipes using our delicious range of wholesale bakery products.

This recipe uses

Lemon & White Chocolate Tulip Muffins


Lemon & White Chocolate Tulip Muffins

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