Lemon Curd and Blueberry Muffin

This zingy lemon muffin is great for dessert parlour menus, thank’s to its sweet, summery twist. Or, as the Autumn nears, why not serve it warmed with delicious, melty ice cream or custard?

5 Mins



6 Kara Blueberry Muffins (1 pack)

400g Vanilla Ice Cream

400g Crème Fraiche

400g Lemon Curd

400g Blueberries

200g Meringue Nests

10g Mint, chopped

For Lemon Sauce

3 Lemons, juiced

200g Cornstarch

200g Sugar


Take Kara’s Blueberry Muffin and cut in half. Fill with vanilla ice cream, lemon curd and creme fraiche. One filled, sprinkle with blueberries, crushed meringue and lemon sauce. To create your sweet, single lemon sauce, mix lemon juice, sugar and cornstarch.

And your lemon muffin is ready to be served! For more inspiration, view our recipes.

This recipe uses

Blueberry Tulip Muffins


Blueberry Tulip Muffins

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