Dirty Burger with Angry Sauce

There’s nothing finer than a big dirty burger! Turn up the heat on your wholesale burger buns with the addition of angry sauce for the ultimate taste experience.

10 Mins



Kara Gourmet Brioche Bun

2 Gourmet British beef burgers


Cheese slices

Cocktail gherkins

1/4 white onion

For the angry sauce:

1 tbsp mayonnaise

A good splash of hot chilli sauce (we like sriracha)


First, make the angry sauce by mixing the mayonnaise with the hot chilli sauce (we recommend that you add as much or as little chilli sauce as you think your customers will enjoy)! Season to taste.

Cook the burgers to your customer’s preference.

Toast Kara’s Gourmet Brioche Bun until lightly golden.

Fry the onions until they are golden brown and starting to caramelise.

The exciting part! Start to build the burger. Add a good spoon of sauce onto the base of the wholesale burger buns, then layer with lettuce, cheese, pickles and top with the fried white onions. Finish with another spoon of angry sauce. Voila!

Top tip: Nothing goes better with a burger than an ice-cold beer. Why not serve on the menu as part of a burger and beer bundle?

This recipe uses

Gourmet MK5 Unsliced Brioche Bun


Gourmet MK5 Unsliced Brioche Bun

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