Date & Butter Bean Salsa

Get ready for the warmer weather with this date and butter bean salad. Serve with a tasty baguette or Artisan roll for added crunch. Vegan Recipe.

10 Mins



Tomatoes Diced 450g

Onion chopped 120g

Spring Onions 45g

Jalapeño 20g

Coriander 40g

Cider Vinegar 10ml

Chilli Powder 5g

Cumin Powder 5g

Butter Beans 120g

Paprika 5g

Salt 5g

Pepper 5g

Dates 200g

Olive oil 60ml


Take all ingredients, chop tomatoes, onions, spring onions, coriander, jalapeño, and dates. Mix everything together and season to taste.

Serve with warm Artisan loaf or a crusty baguette.