Continental Breakfast Bap

Take a classic breakfast meal option on a continental journey. Using classic cold meats and cheese, this continental breakfast bap is enhanced with mustard, crispy leaves and red onion.

5 Mins



Kara Premium Floured Bap

4 slices pastrami

2 slices Italian mortadello

3 slices manchego cheese

Mixed leaves

Red Onion, thinly sliced

Tomato, freshly sliced

Dijon mustard


Spread a good measure of dijon mustard onto the base of one of Kara’s Premium Floured Baps.

Roll some pastrami slices and then top with some sliced tomato.

Add a little red onion (enough to taste) then add a couple of rolls of Italian Mortadella, three slices of Manchego cheese and finally some mixed leaves.

Serve immediately.

Top tip: For a breakfast with a boozy difference, why not serve alongside an on-trend Bloody Mary?

This recipe uses

MK5 Premium Floured Baps


MK5 Premium Floured Baps

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