Chocolate Fudge and Pecan Muffin

With treat occasions up this year, this chocolate muffin masterpiece is the ultimate dessert menu must have. This decadent recipe is made easy with Kara’s wholesale chocolate muffins – add it to your menus today for a dessert that will delight chocolate lovers!

5 Mins



6 Kara Chocolate Muffins (1 Pack)

400g Vanilla Fudge Ice Cream

200ml Fudge Sauce

200g Pecans, chopped

300ml Chocolate Fudge Sauce

50g Cocoa Powder


Take Kara’s Chocolate Muffins and cut off the top. Fill the bottom portion of the muffin with fudge ice cream and add some chocolate sauce. Place the muffin lid back on, and add more chocolate sauce and fudge sauce on top of your creation.

To finish, and before serving, add some chopped pecans and a dusting of cocoa powder. Your heavenly chocolate dessert is ready to be devoured!

This recipe uses

Triple Chocolate Tulip Wholesale Muffin


Triple Chocolate Tulip Wholesale Muffin

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