Bubble & Squeak Burgers

A wholesome yet satisfying classic that is a great way to use up the leftover veggies in the kitchen.

20 Mins



6 Kara Gourmet Brioche Buns

900g Mash Potatoes

450g Sprouts

2 Onions

50g Butter

50g Flour

250g Brie

5g Pepper

5g Salt


Slice your onions and shred the sprouts. In a pan start to fry the onions along with half the butter. Fry them until golden brown and soft.

Add shredded sprouts and cook until soft.

Mix in the mash potatoes and season to taste. Set aside to cool.

Once cool, mould the mixture into burger size patties, dust with a little flour and lightly fry in the remaining butter until golden brown.

Take a brioche bun and smear the base with cranberry, add the bubble and squeak patties and top with slices of brie.

Place under the grill until the cheese begins to melt, top with more cranberry, and serve.

This recipe uses

Gourmet MK5 Unsliced Brioche Bun


Gourmet MK5 Unsliced Brioche Bun

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