Blood Pudding

Our blood pudding recipe is the perfect spooktacular recipe for the Halloween season. And did we mention it’s vegan and vegetarian friendly, too? A great recipe to help kids get creative, with a delicious and nutritious meal, coupled with our white bloomer.




8 Mins



4 Slices Kara White Bloomer

4 Slices Vegan Black Pudding

300g Mushy Peas

300g Mushrooms


To create our Blood Pudding, begin by prepping your mushrooms. Remove the stalks and wash thoroughly. Begin to carefully create skull like faces on the body of the mushrooms before frying in oil.

In the same pan, begin to fry your black budding in a hot, pre-oiled pan. This should take no more than 2 minutes on each side to cook. Toast your white bloomer bread and begin to warm your peas through.

Assemble your Blood Pudding by firstly buttering your bread. Place the black pudding on top as well as the peas and mushrooms. Add a sauce of your choosing – we chose ketchup for an extra frightful finish! Bon apetit!

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This recipe uses

Medium White Bloomer


Medium White Bloomer

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