The Latest Global Pizza Trends for Food Operators

14th January 2024

Pizza is a powerful offering for food operators everywhere. Eat-in, takeaway or on-the-go, this versatile and fan-favourite option is so popular for a reason – but tastes and preferences are changing. Mintel’s latest global report on ‘A Year of Innovation in Pizza and Pies‘ delves into the rising trends shaping the industry, offering invaluable insights for food operators to stay ahead of the curve and cater to these evolving appetites.

Global cravings with a local twist

The demand for affordable, delicious comfort food isn’t just a national phenomenon; it’s a global one. In Europe, private labels are catering to the need for affordability in the frozen pizza and pie category, offering budget-friendly options without compromising on taste. This resonates with the universal need for value, particularly in today’s economic climate.

Meanwhile, Asian consumers have a different priority – one that emphasises texture and celebrates the freshness of fruits and vegetables. Highlighting preparation methods and showcasing the vibrant palette of your ingredients can capture their attention and win them over. Across the vast expanse of the Americas, a different tune plays – one driven by plant-based options and gourmet twists on classic flavours. They’ve re-imagined their pizza offering to be infused with protein-packed Skyr yoghurt or feature upcycled ingredients rescued from local breweries – these are the innovative moves that will resonate with health-conscious and sustainability-minded diners.

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Use regional gems as inspiration

Zooming in, we discover a symphony of regional preferences. Europe is embracing a newfound health kick with the rising popularity of wholewheat pizzas enriched with protein and fibre. Private-label pies are also taking centre stage, particularly in the UK and Germany, demonstrating the enduring appeal of familiarity and value. Moving to Australia and New Zealand, the culinary adventure continues. Generous fillings, unique flavour combinations, and a focus on sustainable sourcing are the key ingredients in this market.

Although these flavour combinations may seem abstract and extra right now, these global reports give an insight into the changing perceptions and wants around pizza. Think beyond the usual suspects and experiment with exciting flavour profiles while highlighting your commitment to environmental responsibility for maximum effect.

Plant-based & international fusion

Asia’s love affair with fruits and vegetables extends to pizzas and pies, with mushrooms and tomatoes taking centre stage as popular toppings. This signals a growing preference for healthier options, and incorporating unique fruit and vegetable combinations into your offerings can cater to this trend. In North America, the plant-based movement is gaining momentum, with diners seeking meat-free alternatives to their favourite pizzas.

Don’t hesitate to join the movement and offer exciting plant-based options alongside your classic fare. Additionally, adventurous palates are craving international influences, so consider drawing inspiration from regional and global cuisines to entice their taste buds. Flexitarians and vegetarians represent a significant and growing market segment, and catering to their diverse preferences can open doors to new opportunities.

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Staying ahead of the dough

These trends paint a vivid picture of the dynamic and ever-evolving pizza and pie landscape. By understanding regional preferences, adapting to dietary needs, and incorporating innovative ingredients and flavours, food operators can become innovation leaders. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new flavour combinations, showcase your commitment to quality and sustainability, and offer competitive value propositions.

Kara dough is the only starting point you need; a good pizza needs a great starting point. If you want to talk to us about how you could expand your menu to appeal to the ever-changing market, get in touch with us today.

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