The Crunch: Burger Trends

11th October 2022

A staple through every season, you just can’t beat a good burger. So many options are available, and new trends are cropping up all the time. In this edition of the Crunch, we’re looking at the current trends for burger buns, the popularity of fast-food chains and, of course, the fillings to look out for this year.



Becoming increasingly popular, burgers that are served on brioche buns are gaining traction in both fast-food and more higher quality restaurants. Adding that bit of extra sweetness to your meal, the brioche bread perfectly complements any savoury burger – and smells delicious!

Sesame Seeds

A quintessential in the burger industry, sesame seed buns are the most commonly used bun in fast-food restaurants – and most recognisable to consumers. We’ve all enjoyed a sesame seed topped McDonalds burger in our time. Warm them slightly on the grill beforehand to create the classic toasted bun texture in your burger.


If you’re looking to upgrade your burger, then look no further than the pretzel burger bun. Featuring a signature deep brown crust, a pretzel burger bun gives a soft and incredible flavour that can be complemented with a variety of fillings.

Fast Food

We all indulge in fast food every now and then, the ease of it all is hard to resist! But with fast food adding such a convenience, we’re all in the same boat and, with McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC all in the top ten restaurants in the UK this year; it’s evident that fast food is going nowhere.

Burgers are a staple in any fast-food chain, from chicken burgers to double patties with extra pickles, you can find pretty much anything to satisfy a wide range of tastes and preferences. Some of the trendiest fast food burgers at the moment include:

Vegan and Vegetarian

A number of well-known chains have been rolling out larger plant-based menus since last year as plant-based diets grow in popularity across the globe. Burgers such as the McPlant have been a big hit, as vegans and vegetarians have more options each year – but plant-based alternatives have also developed a keen following from meat eaters who have congratulated the taste.

Healthy Alternatives

More recent studies have offered insight into the lower calorie and healthier options within fast food restaurants. The classic hamburger in Burger King, for example, has lower calories than people anticipated. Initiatives like the 99p menu not only allows consumers to spend less, but it also acts as a way to reduce over ordering – and overeating. Menu options like KFC’s rice box provides a different option for those who are looking for a lighter option whilst still enjoying the flavours of fast-food cuisine.



You can’t beat a nice mix of Italian meats, so why not try it in a burger? Combined with some cheeses, chilli, salad, slaw (basically putting together a full antipasti selection!), you’ve got a pretty flavoursome and tasty burger.

Turkey Slaw

If you’re not feeling the traditional burger meals, sliced turkey pieces make a great filling. Its relatively mild flavour gives way for a whole range of ingredients to pair with. The trending item to pair this with this year is a tasty slaw or salad – imagine a Thai-style coleslaw with lime and fresh mint, glorious!

Real Veggies

The biggest veggie trend over the past few months has been filling burgers with real vegetables over any plant-based meat alternatives. From roasting to deep frying and vegetables like potatoes and chunky carrot slaw are seeing an uptake in your everyday burger.

If you’re looking to revamp your menu with some delicious burgers, our range of wholesale burger buns are the perfect accompaniment. From sourdough to brioche and even vegan options, our range of buns are ideal for any filling.

Looking for some inspiration? Take a look at our burger recipes, designed for caterers, here.

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