The Crunch: Summer Food Trends

9th August 2022

With the unpredictable weather making it hard to decide what to eat, we are looking at the trending foods to inspire operators this season. There have been a range of ingredients and meals that are seeing a rise in popularity in 2022, and personally, we can’t wait to try all of them:

Childhood Cravings

The 90s have made a comeback in the beauty and fashion trends, but this is also coming into our food trends as well. This year you can find more and more consumers seeking comfort in the nostalgic foods from our childhoods. From Eton mess to Neapolitan ice cream, why not revisit those sentimental treats?

Going Global

With lockdown pushing a lot of us to try new flavours, we as a nation are continuing to explore global ingredients. Supermarkets are expanding their world food sections as sales continue to increase. One ingredient that stands out is matcha, a finely milled green tea powder originating from Japan and China. Recognised for its distinct green colour, matcha has been used in sweet treats such as Poky and KitKats around the world. We recommend serving Matcha coffees accompanied by our new and improved bloomer breads for the perfect breakfast option.

Ready Made

After summer lockdowns, more casual dinners are on the rise as people strive to spend more time with loved ones. 17% of eating out occasions last year were made up of diners eating with their friends and 26% with family*. Consumers are ordering platters and meals that can easily be shared. Dishes that are flagged as sharing such as mix platters and pizza increased on menus by 10% last summer and are set for a further increase this year*1. These are a great option for those hotter summer evenings!


This fragrant herb is known for its de-stressing and soothing qualities and is commonly used in beauty products. Over the last few years lavender has made its way into recipes and created a range of comforting and refreshing dishes. From cheesecake to cocktails, you will start to see a rise in lavender as an ingredient in your everyday dishes.


It’s no surprise that plant-based and vegetarian alternatives have been steadily increasing in popularity over the past few years. Brands such as Beyond and Linda McCartneys have become more recognisable as everyday meals such as burgers and hot dogs get a vegan refresh. Almost a third of eating out consumers describe themselves as flexitarian, and this has increased by 1.5% in the 12WE 15/05/22, compared to the same period last year.  Consumers are also more likely to be non-drinkers, vegetarian and non-dairy, highlighting the importance of operators catering to these needs across the whole menu offerings.*2

Try some of these vegan offerings to cater for everyone this summer.



* and *2Data collected from Lumina Intelligence, UK Eating Out Market 2022

*1 Data Collected from Lumina Intelligence, Menu & Food Trends. 2021

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