The Importance Of Good Food In The Education Sector

11th May 2023

Keeping children engaged during their school day requires a lot more than what they’re working on in class. What they eat in the day also plays a part in what they get out of their education.

To save students rolling their eyes in disgust thinking they’re going to be eating vegetables for every meal, it’s important to highlight the difference between good food and healthy eating. By this we mean helping children enjoy eating good food whilst not noticing that it’s actually good for them. But what are the other benefits of maintaining a healthy, balanced diet for children while they’re at school?

A different form of education

Yes, children go to school to learn on an academic level. However, students could learn invaluable life lessons on their lunch breaks without knowing about it. We’re all guilty of wanting to have chocolate and fizzy drinks as a staple in our diets as children, but the reality is good, hearty food can help set children’s food habits up for the rest of their life. If students get their lunches while at school, rather than a packed lunch, finding a trustworthy school food supplier might be the starting point your students will need.

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Higher grades are made before the first bell

According to recent studies, students who have healthy breakfasts in the morning tend to earn the best test results, due to improved memory and reduced absences. So, it’s important for children to start every day off on the right foot. If parents are in a bit of a rush in the morning and don’t have the time to ensure their kids have a healthy breakfast, there’s another solution.

As a food supplier for schools, we can provide educational establishments with healthy wholesale baked goods which contribute to a student’s bright start to the day. With a nutritional breakfast this can help a child feel like making the day their own. We also provide recipes that can provide some much-needed inspiration in the morning.

Accommodate for all diets

Nowadays, there’s more people adopting a plant-based lifestyle, and many families across the UK have adopted a vegan lifestyle. In some cases, children may have diets out of their control, being gluten or lactose intolerant, for example. At Kara, we supply schools with wide range of wholesale baked goods that meet multiple dietary requirements, such as our Genius Gluten Free range or our new Vegan Brioche.

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Going beyond the school gates

It might be the case that students aren’t getting the good food they need because their parents are unsure of how to provide it. Healthy living is an infectious (in the best way) lifestyle to adopt, and there is plenty of support out there that can help families eat better at home, encouraging them to get behind the healthy eating initiatives happening at school.

Better behaviour in lesson.

By giving children the nutrients they need, without giving them too much of one food group, there’s a chance you’ll see fewer interruptions during class time. On the flipside, a better learning environment can then be observed, due to more material being taught.

It’s been proven that malnutrition can lead to behavioural problems among children, and too much sugar can lead to pupils becoming restless and/or hyperactive. But a balanced diet can be achieved with both moderation and good food – and it’s simpler to achieve than many may think.

Are you looking for a new school food supplier? Kara has a wide variety of wholesale baked  products that are perfect to serve to students of all ages.

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