Party Food: Season’s Feastings

8th December 2022

With Christmas just around the corner, one of the aspects of the holiday that everyone looks forward to is the party food! On Christmas Day alone, the average person in Britain will consume roughly 5000 calories, so if there’s ever a time to be thinking about what you are going to be eating over the festive period, it’s now.

For some, party food is a dealbreaker during Christmas, and in order to avoid creating any seasonal sorrow, we’ve lined up some recipes to give you some help. Whether it be sweet treats or something more savoury, here are some options which could be delivering more joy than Santa’s reindeer!

Christmas Doughball Danish

Given that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, our Christmas Doughball Danishes are the perfect way to not only start your morning, but your festive season as well. With Kara’s Dough Balls hiding a vanilla, Christmas conserve and (strawberry or raspberry) jam filling, you will be making sure that your customers are beginning their holiday season on the right foot. Accompany this with pecans and icing sugar drizzled on top.

Christmas Garlic Bread

Whether it’s served with a gooey lump of Camembert cheese or a selection of sauces, our Garlic Bread recipe is sure to get the ball rolling this Christmas. Once you’ve lathered our Kara Dough Balls with garlic butter and left them to rise for an hour (make sure you’ve got your baking tin at the ready!), it will be time to put them in the oven, beginning the half-hour countdown until seeing that gorgeous golden glaze.

Christmas Pasty

When you think of Christmas dinner, the first ingredients that spring to mind are the turkey, stuffing, sprouts and maybe even the cranberry sauce. Now, imagine all of them being encased in dough, and you’ll end up with our Christmas Pasty. By rolling our ever so versatile Dough Balls into circles, lay the filling right in the centre. Seal the pasty at the top and make sure you don’t lose any of that festive filling!

Mighty Festive Sandwich

Say you haven’t used all your turkey and stuffing from making the pasties or your Christmas dinner. What are you going to do? Well, we have quite the tasty solution! Introducing our Mighty Festive Sandwich. Turkey, stuffing, bacon, mayonnaise, cranberry sauce, garnished with green leaves and all held together by one of our Floured Baps. However, this doesn’t have to solely be a Boxing Day mock-up. Our sandwich could also be a valuable addition to any Christmas menu.

Mushroom and Broccoli Gratin

You’ve got the leftover meat accommodated for. Brilliant! But what about the rest? The answer lies with our Mushroom and Broccoli Gratin, a quick and easy way to gather some Fletchers sliced bread and vegetables and turn it into something very tasty. Within half an hour of being in the oven, you’ll have your own tray of golden-brown goodness, ready to be dished out.

Pear and Goats Cheese Pizza

There aren’t many who would associate pizza with Christmas (and who could blame them!). However, this year, we’ve thrown you a real Christmas curveball. Our Pear and Goats Cheese Pizza may be different, but it will give your menu that creative spark and get your customers in the festive spirit all the same. Talk about our Dough Balls being versatile!

With our product range, the possibilities are endless when it comes to crafting some delicious party food. Check out our wholesale bakery product range or get inspired with more of our recipes.

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