Make Your Picnic Perfect This Season With Doughballs

25th June 2023

Summer is now upon us. The sun’s shining, the birds are chirping, and we’re getting the quintessential smell of cut grass in the air. It’s fair to say that the positives of the summer can make even the biggest fan of winter enjoy more time outdoors.

The summertime is also when we enjoy eating outdoors more – al fresco if you will! When it comes to enjoying picnics, you want food that’s easy to transport, tasty and versatile. Our range of wholesale doughballs are the perfect picnic ingredient for creating picnic treats. Versatile and delicious, they can be used to create a wide range of sweet and savoury dishes that are great for picnics – or for serving on your menus this summer.

Garlic Knots

Whether served hot or cold, our Garlic Knots are always welcome in any dining setting, and picnics are no different. Whilst quite simple in appearance (and the prep and creation is pretty easy too!), our garlic knots are guaranteed to be loved by everyone. Enjoy them on their own with a garlic butter dip or serve them as an accompaniment to an Italian inspired dish like pasta or calzone.

Garlic Knots | Wholesale Baked Goods | Kara Foodservice

Eccles Cakes

As we all know, the Great British summertime is like none other in the world, and it’s worth celebrating with a traditional sweet treat. Hailing from Greater Manchester and filled with all sorts of spices and flavours, Eccles Cakes are a great way to enjoy a traditional British summer. With a gorgeous filling of currants and orange peel, these cakes are easy to make, and even easier to fall in love with.

Milkshake Profiteroles

The key to a great selection for your picnic is to not over complicate it. You want foods that can pack a punch with flavour, while being small enough to carry and share around. Our Milkshake Profiteroles are the perfect dessert for quick serve menus or whilst enjoying the sunshine. Plus, they’re ready in just 25 minutes – simple!

Lollipop Pizzas

Love bite-sized foods? Our Lollipop Pizzas give you all the flavour and enjoyment of pizza on a smaller scale – perfect for kids. These bite-sized pizzas are also great to make at home as a family, too. Simply separate each doughball and press down to make small pizza bases. Top with tomato puree or pizza sauce, some grated cheese and any other toppings and bake in the oven for 10 minutes.

Lollipop Pizzas | Wholesale Food Supply | Kara Foodservice

Cong You Bing Breads

It’s always worth throwing a curveball now and again and bringing in the tastes of the orient to your picnic will always be welcomed. ‘Cong You Bing’ Breads (also known as scallion pancakes) are originally from China and go great with dipping sauces made from sweet chilli or soy sauce. Accompany them with some spring onions, sesame seeds or even some chopped nuts for some extra flavour which won’t go amiss.

Cinnamon Rolls

For those relaxing last moments of the picnic before the sun sets and you have to start packing up, or maybe you want a sweet accompaniment with a cup of tea? Our Cinnamon Rolls are the perfect ending to a summer’s evening and they can even be made to suit everyone’s dietary requirements, by swapping the butter for a non-dairy equivalent. These are also perfect to enjoy anytime – whether it’s for breakfast or an elevenses, as they take only 30 minutes to prove and 10 minutes to bake.

At Kara, our product range alone is full of inspiration for restaurants, eateries and even those at home, especially when combined with our tasty and eclectic recipes. Ready to get inspired this summer? View our recipes or to start introducing our products to your menu, find your nearest Kara stockist.

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