Lunch Time Trends Dominating 2023

10th August 2023

This quarters edition of The Krumb explores how operators are keeping lunch on top this year and how it will continue to be the mealtime that dominates the out of home sector.

The UK eating out market is forecast to see turnover of £95.2 billion in 2023, driven by continued heightened inflation. Retail, travel, and leisure once again is the best performing segment of the total market. This channel is expected to outpace total market growth in 2023, led by retail in particular benefitting from being a low-ticket alternative as consumers reduce discretionary spending.

As cost-conscious consumers rein in spending on expensive out of home occasions (such as dinner) once again, many are turning to lunchtime foodservice purchases to get their dining out fix. Operators are having to work hard to maintain trading levels, with an increased use of deals at lower price points and/or subscription offers to encourage more people to visit.

As people lead increasingly busy lives, convenience will be a significant factor in lunch choices. Drive-thrus, click and-collect, and grab-and-go options will continue to grow in popularity, offering fast, hassle-free meals for individuals on the move. As diversity and inclusion becomes entrenched into the British lifestyle, lunchtime concepts that promote these values will appeal to multifaceted consumers who are tempted out by an increasingly diverse foodservice scene (e.g., Halal meat, vegan options).

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