How Do We Encourage People to Eat Out This Christmas?

15th December 2023

As the festive season approaches, foodservice operators are looking for innovative ways to attract consumers out of their homes. This year, the cost-of-living crisis is at the forefront of people’s minds, causing some challenges in encouraging consumers to eat out.

With the right strategies, it’s possible to entice customers to dine out and enjoy the Christmas spirit. In this comprehensive guide, we will use independent data collected by Kara and data from the latest Lumina Intelligence Report to explore various tactics that operators can employ to encourage consumers to eat out this Christmas.

Special holiday menus

Creating a special holiday menu is another effective way to attract customers. This can include traditional Christmas dishes, festive drinks, and holiday-themed desserts. Offering a unique dining experience that customers can’t get at home can be a major draw.

Consumer behaviour studies conducted by Kara Foodservice reveal a significant willingness among consumers to splurge on their Christmas dining experiences. Around half of surveyed consumers expressed readiness to spend up to £50 per person for their Christmas lunch outside their homes on Christmas. Additionally, offering a special holiday menu can create a sense of exclusivity and urgency, encouraging customers to book a table before it’s too late.

Beyond the dough

Kara’s doughballs are a secret weapon in the culinary world that goes beyond their traditional use in pizza bases. They are a great solution for restaurants that are facing staffing challenges or lack culinary expertise, not to mention the affordability for both operators and consumers.

These doughballs are easy to make and can be cooked by even novice kitchen staff with a simple thaw-and-serve approach. The versatility of these doughballs allows operators to experiment with different recipes, creating simple yet delicious bar snacks, appetisers, or even sweet treats with ease. This versatility not only enhances the menu offerings but also streamlines kitchen operations, saving valuable time during the busy holiday season.

Wholesale Doughballs | Kara Foodservice

Offering festive promotions

Special promotions can be a powerful incentive for customers to dine out. 49% of consumers from our consumer behaviour studies would be encouraged to eat out over the Christmas period if operators offered vouchers and discounts.

The key is to offer promotions that provide real value to customers and encourage them to choose your establishment over others. Offering discounts on meals or freebies such as a free dessert or drink can be a great way to attract customers. Consider running these promotions during off-peak hours to encourage customers to dine at times when your restaurant is typically less busy.

Frozen bread efficiency

Amidst the holiday season’s hustle and bustle, Kara champions the use of frozen bread for its many benefits. Not only does it enable portion control by defrosting only what’s necessary, but it also ensures consistent quality, which is critical in meeting the heightened expectations of customers during festive periods.

This practical approach reduces waste while guaranteeing that every serving maintains the freshness and taste that customers expect. Additionally, Kara’s frozen bread offerings provide menu planning flexibility, allowing operators to handle unexpected rushes without sacrificing quality or taste.

Christmas Garlic Bread | Frozen Food Supplier | Kara Foodservice

There are many strategies that operators can employ to encourage consumers to eat out this Christmas. By offering special promotions, utilising practical food offerings that still excite the consumers and creating a festive experience for them, you can attract customers to eat out. Remember, the key is to provide real value and a unique dining experience that customers can’t get at home.

Get in touch with us today to get stocked up for Christmas or speak about how you and your business can get the most out of this festive season.

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